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How We Got Here

Jeaneen was a stay at home mom in a self-employed family; once her children started to get older she decided she wanted to do something more. So she became a real estate agent. Not only did she want to make extra money for her family, she also wanted to take nice vacations and travel. Everyone knows real estate is flexible.

Her first 3 years in the real estate world started slow. Most of her time was spent educating herself, taking hours upon hours of classes and training. One day she had an “Aha Moment”. She decided to stop listening to others and she started listening to her “gut”.

The next 12 months sales increased, and she upgraded from a small cubicle to a private office with her first assistant. For years she was focused on building her career. Jeaneen was completely dedicated to doing the best job for her clients, and as a result became one of Midland’s top agents. Success has a price and for Jeaneen it was spending very little time with family and friends.

Getting to that point in her career was an accomplishment… but now what to do? Quality of life became very important to her, and she learned one of life’s most important lessons: “It’s not all about the money.”It’s about the “Bigger Picture”. She started The Jeaneen Pruitt Team with only 2 agents (herself included ). The goal was to create a culture where agents can be very successful in their careers, supportive of each other’s achievements and have time for their family, friends, and things they enjoy! This is what we are all about. Rewarding Careers, Rewarding Lives!

Today there are 15 of us and we are still growing!

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